PasswordZanager is a tool for managing confidential data. Manage and protect your passwords, licenses, administrative information in a few clicks with an enriched user experience. Simple and lightweight, it is already popular for its security and customization.


Download PasswordZanager version :


(compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

The features in a few points

Enhanced security

Your information are strictly confidential. This is why your data are encrypted by several algorithms to ensure the safety of them.

Two-factor authentication

It is easy to access the data if someone has the login and the password, that is why two-factor authentication is proposed : you can authenticate with your smartphone on iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Auto lock

If you forget to close PasswordZanager and you are out, it will automatically lock to keep your data in safe.

Stealth software

PasswordZanager is very discreet : it displays a small icon in the bottom right of your taskbar. Click on allows you to access the main program interface when you want.

Automatic icon

Add, for example, an account named "Facebook" and PasswordZanager will automatically find the best icon for this account (see screenshots below).

Categories and search

Organize your data in as many categories as you want and search an account for quicker access.


Export and import your data from one computer to another with a few clicks, just the time to authenticate for more security.


An account will expire on a date? Let PasswordZanager remind you before the expiration date.




Release date
8 November 2014
Last version November 2014)
French - English

Minimum and recommended system

Operating system
Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Third-party tools
Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5 (or higher)
256 MHz
32 Mo (64 Mo recommanded)
Disk space
3 Mo (300 Mo with .Net Framework)
1024 x 768px
Optional connection
Optional tools
No tools required