Safety first, experience first.

Protect your credentials on your Windows PC and reuse them with simplicity.



I have made my own tool for managing confidential data. Use PasswordZanager to manage and protect your credentials, licenses, administrative information in a few clicks with an enriched user experience.

Enhanced security

Your information are strictly confidential. This is why your data are encrypted by several algorithms to ensure their safety at all time.

Windows Hello

The authentication with Windows Hello allows to secure the access to your data with a PIN code or biometric sensor (fingerprint, face recognition...).

Two-factor authentication

Strengthen the security of your data with two-step verification : you can authenticate with your smartphone or tablet on iOS, Android or Windows 10 Mobile.

Automatic icon

Add, for example, an account named "Facebook" and PasswordZanager will automatically find the best icon for this account (see screenshots below).

Categories and search

Organize your data in as many categories as you want and search an account for quicker access.


Synchronize your data for free with your personal Microsoft OneDrive account and retrieve them on all your Windows 10 devices.


Release date

November 8th, 2014

Last version

2017.11.20.6 (November 20th, 2017)


French - English



Operating system

Windows 10 (Fall Creator Update and newer)


256 MHz

Disk space

20 MB


Optional connection


128 MB (256 MB recommended)